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Price List

Week-end Cottage Rentals - $200.00
Week-end Guest Trailer Rental - $30.00 per day
One Week Cottage Rental - $500.00
One Week Guest Trailer Rental - $100.00
One Week Rental For Boat and Motor - $150.00
Daily Rental - $40.00
(Your first tank of gas is supplied by the owner)
One Week Rental For Canoe - $40.00
Daily Rental - $10.00
One Week Cottage and Boat(s) Package - $1000.00
Week-end Cottage and Boat(s) Package - $450.00
One Week Guided Package - $1600.00
Week-end Guided Package - $600.00
* Guided Packages will provide you with a guide that is able to take you to all the best fishing hot spots that the lake has to offer.  His services include a morning and evening fish.  When bookling the Guided Package, please be aware that the Guest Trailer is not available for rental.
* Please be advised that all rentals must be booked with a deposit to ensure your reservation.

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Lucky Lake Cottage - Whitefish Lake/Rideau Canal